Problem solved, sorry

Hi everyone, I have successfully installed SNAP 6.0.0 in a VM running UBUNTU 17.10 - 64bit, and now I would like to use snappy in with python in anaconda.
So following the well known instructions I have done the following from shell :

(from the snap/bin folder)

/home/anaconda2/bin/python snappy-conf

and here is the result :

File  "snappy-conf", line 3
me='basename  "$0"'

SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I also tried to do it with the internal python installed with ubuntu but the result was the same. What went wrong?

snappy-conf is not a python script. It is a shell script.
Just call snappy-conf then you get the help for it.

yes, I saw it 2 minutes after sending the post :wink: