Problem while opening in arcgis

hi all,
finally i have create DEM from sentinel-1 image.the snap shot of the dem enclosed i want to generate contour map with i want to open the image in arcgis. while i run the terrain correction i saved the output as tiff format.but when i try to open it using arcgis it open like a one grey box.i want to import the sentinel-1 derived dem in can i open it please suggest.

It could be a few things. If your version of ArcGIS doesn’t support
bigtiff and you have a tif larger than 4GB then you may need to create a
If your output is of type Float64 maybe this is not supported and you need
to use the datatype conversion operator to scale it to Int32.
The other thing to check is if the histogram stretching is correct. Maybe
you do have values but the range is small except for one value such as the
nodata value. Check your min max values.

sir, the elevation value shows in -ve value in one image and in another its value shows like 4000-6000 meter.but my area average height is 6 to 21 can i rectify this.and how can i covert into int32 value?

hi all,
please anyone immediately suggest me how can i derived contour map from sentinel dem using cant able to open.

GDAL has a good tool for this from the command line. Export your raster as a GeoTiff and use gdal_contour to get vector contours from a raster.

thank you?is it a free software? will you please tell me from which site i can able to download it?when i geocode this sentinel 1 slant to height then i choose to save it as geotiff format.but when i open it through arcgis and erdas the dem which is store in the folder which create after run the terrain gecoding open in img form and told and “no layer is found”.i cant understand why it cant able to read the layer.please suggest me what should i do.

Yes GDAL is free and open source. Google GDAL

hi all,
the DEM which is generate using sentinel-1 is fine.but the elevation value shown here -35m to -50 m.but my actual area average height is 6m to 21m.anyone please tell me how can i rectify this value?and why its shown in -ve region?