Problem with coregistration of S1 SLC images

Hello! I encounter a problem with the coregistration of S1 SLC images.

When I try to open bands after coregistration, the ones from the reference image open while those from the secondary image are ‘empty’. Later, when I try to visually check the quality of the stack by an RGB representation of the reference and secondary images, the RGB is dominated by the reference image (yellow colour). Subsequently, I cannot generate the interferogram in the next step because some bands from the stack are empty.

My workflow and data are the following:


  1. TOPS Split; Polarisation VV, Subswath: IW2, Burst: 1
  2. Apply orbit files
  3. Back Geocoding; Radar > Coregistration > Sentinel-1 TOPS Coregistration > Back Geocoding
  4. Interferogram formation; SRTM 1Sec HGT (Auto Download)

TOPS Splits seem to work, as well as applying orbit files. The problem starts when I perform coregistration. Can you please help me with this?

Hello @igas ,
What version of SNAP are you using? For steps 2 & 3, are you using the default parameter values?