Problem with Endmember CSV Format import

Hi people. I need to create exclusion layers to assess erosive processes, so I thought about generating endmembers from water, bare soil and vegetation. I cannot import the .csv table. Can you help me?

Please share the csv in here.

Pasta1_v3.csv (282 Bytes)
Thanks again ABraun.

I see that your csv is separated by semicolons, but SNAP requires tabs as separators


If you replace them you can open it


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Thanks again my friend. Now everything is fine.

good to hear. May I ask about your input data? I wonder why you only use four wavelengths.

I only used the 10m optical range. Do you recommend using them all?

if you have more bands, sure. You can use the S2 Resampling Operator to bring them all to 10m, but use Nearest Neighbor interpolation to preserve the pixel values.

No words to thank. People like you make a difference.

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Sorry for the inconvenience, when repeating the steps with the replacement of your spreadsheet and inclusion of all bands, but the snap did not read. Am I tabulating wrong?
Pasta1_v3_AB_alterado.csv (270 Bytes)
Pasta1_v3_AB_alterado.csv (270 Bytes)

please remove the " around each line