Problem with export geometry as shape file


I’m unable to use the button in SNAP Desktop “Vector” > “Export” > “geometry as shape file”. It is Grey and unusable. On Friday it was working. I draw a lot of polygons with the “polygon drawing tool” and can’t export the longitude and latitude data. I don’t know what changed.

I use Sentinel 2 Products.

Thank you,

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Hi Mara,

have you selected in the Product Explorer the vector data that you want to export?

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Yes, of course. I don’t know what changed since Friday. :neutral_face:

What if you right-click on the vector data node. Is there also the Geometry as Shape file disabled?

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When I right-click on “geometry” under masks in the product explorer there isn’t anything like “geometry as shape file”.


try under “Vector data”:

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Okay, thanks. This way worked. :slight_smile:
Probably I mixed it just up.

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