Problem with export to snaphu

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My problem is related to the export of multilooked, filtrated phase into snaphu. When I tryed to export it I’ve got an error measage where coherence image is required, thus I’ve done it separately, but I don’t know how to add it to the phase. In Nest (exporting the phase for snaphu) there is two input (one is for the phase and the other for coherence), but in snap there is only one input.
How to merge the coherence with phase? Or how to solve this problem?
Approx. when will be added the snaphu (phase unwrapping) tool into snap, to avoid several errors and unnecessary steps with snaphu (import-export)?

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When generating the interferogram you can create the coherence image in the same step. Alternatively, if you already have the images separately and want to put them together, you can use band merge because the images should be of the same dimensions and location.

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What should be SNAPHU export source product? Should it has .dim format?

Hi Marjan,

The SNAPHU, function is Unwrapping, So you have two steps to implement the first one is EXPORT from SNAP to SNAPHU, and the next one is IMPORT from SNAPHU to SNAP, take a look at this

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Thanks falahfakhri:slight_smile: