Problem with GPT and access rights in Windows 10 s3tbx

Dear community,

our problem concerns the GPT tool of SNAP 8 and the processing of Sentinel-3 data in Windows 10 Enterprise from the command prompt. The GPT tool is called in the command prompt windowd from a Python script using the following code line:

print(os.system(‘gpt “’ + graph_file + ‘” -PslstrFile="’ + manifest_file + ‘" -f GeoTIFF -PgeotiffFile="’ + geotiff_file + ‘"’))

Using “subprocess” instead does not work with gpt for some reason. We have no clue why.

The tool uses a graph_file (S3_Processing/graphs/GPT_S3_Reproj_LST_Subset.xml) and the manifest_file (which is in the unzip folder of the process chain for each S3 scene) as input and writes the result with a string to the geotiff_file. It is called from the Windows 10 command prompt (cmd.exe).

Now this is the problem:

In the Windows 10 command prompt window, after starting the script, another window opens showing the progress of the process. This window does not close after running the first scene with a local non-admin account (standard user), so you have to close it manually before the window of the next scene being processed opens (automatically).

With admin rights in Windows 10, the Python script runs perfectly.

Has anyone ever observed this kind of behaviour? Any idea what we can do to make it work without admin rights for a standard user?

Thanks a lot…

What anti-virus software are you using? Some A-V software blocks attempts by a running program to start another program as that is a common malware technique. This should generate entries in Event Viewer or A-V logs. You can search for reports of Python issues with your A-V software. If this is the problem, you should report the issue: A-V vendor false positive reporting:

Perhaps you can have a look at Snapista

That the process does not stop sounds like the issue recently existed in SNAP. But after the latest S2TBX update it is resolved.
But this was independent from the admin rights.

Could it be that you have installed SNAP as admin? Maybe installing it as admin and then running it as standard user causes trouble?

Instead of calling the command line you could try snappy and call the SNAP API directly.

I move this into the SNAP category, I assume that this is independent from the actual processing chain.

Thank you for this hint.

It was just an assumption that the issue is caused by non-exiting admin rights, as on one computer it was running without admin rights in a Windows 10 standard user account and on another computer it did not. As it turned out, on the computer where it was running, the latest SNAP update was already installed and on the other computer not.

But apart from this:
To install SNAP8, you need to have admin rights anyway, at least this was the case for us with the version 8.0. For the installation of older versions, no admin rights were required.

I have a “Windows Enterprise” laptop configured to a government standard. SNAP 7 and now 8 can be installed from MS Software Center, but for SNAP 7 users could not install updates. With SNAP 8 users can now install updates, as modules go into the user’s AppData/Local folder. There has been a series of different systems that grant some administrative privileges to users. One approach was to grant installation privileges for a limited period with a new system to allow users to install apps needed for their work, but that led to users being unable to install updates once the grace period had expired.