Problem with GPT and access rights in Windows 10

Dear community,

our problem concerns the GPT tool of SNAP 8 and the processing of Sentinel-3 data in Windows 10 Enterprise from the command prompt. The GPT tool is called in the command prompt windowd from a Python script using the following code line:

print(os.system(‘gpt "’ + graph_file + ‘" -PslstrFile="’ + manifest_file + ‘" -f GeoTIFF -PgeotiffFile="’ + geotiff_file + ‘"’))

Using “subprocess” instead does not work with gpt for some reason. We have no clue why.

The tool uses a graph_file (S3_Processing/graphs/GPT_S3_Reproj_LST_Subset.xml) and the manifest_file (which is in the unzip folder of the process chain for each S3 scene) as input and writes the result with a string to the geotiff_file. It is called from the Windows 10 command prompt (cmd.exe).

Now this is the problem:

In the Windows 10 command prompt window, after starting the script, another window opens showing the progress of the process. This window does not close after running the first scene with a local non-admin account (standard user), so you have to close it manually before the window of the next scene being processed opens (automatically).

With admin rights in Windows 10, the Python script runs perfectly.

Has anyone ever observed this kind of behaviour? Any idea what we can do to make it work without admin rights for a standard user?

Thanks a lot…

Did you install all available updates?
Could be related to this: Since last update gpt execution never finishes

I close this thread. It is duplicated.
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