Problem with MASK MANAGER

Dear friends

I am watching some videoes related to Mask manager in
this site
, I am using some data related to SENTINEL1 like this: S1A_EW_GRDM_1SDH_20160416T051303_20160416T051408_010842_010393_702C

I am doing all the steps like video’s Mask manager
but I do not know why my mask manager is empty!!!

What can I do know?



I’m not very familiar with S1 data, but I think you don’t see masks because there are no mask defined by default for this kind of product. In the video tutorial a MERIS product is used. This one has masks defined by default.
But you can create your one masks as explained in the tutorial.

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Yes, the S1 products do not have default masks in the product. You can import vectors from shape files or create your own polygons and then use them as masks.

I still have the same problem in SNAP 5.0 (SNAP Desktop/Engine implementation
version 5.0.4) with Sentinel-1 Interferometric Wide swath (IW) images.

It seems that the multi-resolution nature of Sentinel-1 causes the problem.
See for example:

I think the internally created mask has product-width, which corresponds to width of the
Deburst-image for Sentinel-1 IW. So you will never see this mask within one of the separate
IW1/IW2/IW3 Bands.
After creating a Deburst-product (Radar/Sentinel-1 TOPS/S-1 TOPS Deburst), the Mask Manager
was filled as expected.

Dear all
I also have the problem with mask manager.
I create a mask using polygon, and can use it to do statistics. I can also apply it for the other products, but failed to export it.

Could you post another link for the tutorial video? I have searched Esa’s website and couldn’t find that particular tutorial

The link to the video is still valid:
Mask Manager - YouTube
On the account page of the SNAP Toolbox are several playlists linked. Maybe there is one which helps you.

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