problem with pconvert SENTINEL 2 data

Hello all,
I am experiencing some problems with SENTINEL 2 data and pconvert.
If I run the pconvert on a given sentinel 2 data the output in HDF5 format is always
at the highest resolution - 10980x10980. That is regardless the channel I select, e.g. channel 1 should be 1830x1830 data, but pconvert creates 10980x10980 output array.
Please, does anybody have any suggestions as how to fix this - if it is even possible.

The full command is as follows: pconvert -f h5 -b 1 L1C_T06SYD_A032386_20210903T203520/

thanks for any help
Jan Hafner

Have you tried to open the file?
I just tried and it had the correct resoultion.
It seems that only the log message is wrong.

writing a data product of size 10980 x 10980 pixels to 'H:\_temp\S2A_MSIL1C_20170719T103021_N0205_R108_T33UUA_20170719T103023.h5'...

I’ve created an issue:
[SNAP-1484] Wrong log message about the size when writing band of multi-resolution product - JIRA (

Yes I have checked the file and it is 10980x10980 dimensioned and I have also checked the data which seem cropped. I am not sure why.