Problem with processed SLC image resolution

Hello, i’m working on ice detection algorithm for rivers using S-1 images, but later on, I also want to overlap these images with S-2 (probably in R). The problem is, i can’t seem to get a wanted resolution of 20x20m. currently i’m using this processing chain

I multilook the images with these parameters
Ant then terrain correct them for pixel spacing of 20 meters
As I understand, the metadata suggest that i do have a desired resolution, but when i measure pixels with theruler tool or in ArcGIS, it suggests that the pixels aren’t even square. [image]
Any thoughts on what am i doing wrong?

the pixels are squared after the terrain correction.

The 13.92 x 16.88 m refer to the data after multi-looking but before terrain correction (it says “soure ground range pixel spacings”). If you enter 20 m here, the output will be resampled accordingly.

Instead of measuring pixel resolutions, please check the image’s information in the layer properties:

defining 20 m in SNAP:

resulting resolution in ArcMap:

Thank you, it seems that Map Projection change helped