Problem with Range-Doppler Terrain Correction (64-bit)


I have OS Win 7 64 bit. I downloaded SNAP for Win64 called
It installed OK.

I get some data from SENTINEL-1 satellite.
After some processing steps for SENTINEL-1 Interferometric Wide Swath Level 1 Product, I need do to a geometric correction.
So I did
Radar -> Geometric -> Terrain Correction -> Range-Doppler Terrain Correction, I put some changes there and click Run. So the window “Writing Target Product” is opening for long time without any effects.

I did the same, but leave all options by default (!) in Range-Doppler Terrain Correction. The window “Writing Target Product” is opening also without any effects again.

Does here any problem with Range-Doppler Terrain Correction for 64-bits ?


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which product level is used? SLC or GRD?

The operator downloads SRTM data for the orthorectification, you can see this at the bottom of the GUI. Maybe something (firewall) prevents SNAP from downloading these DEM data.


After 4 hours I got a error message
“A problem occured during processing the target product processing. Type: OperatorException

After that, I clean some extra space on my disk and run it again. It finished well and fast.

Seems SNAP need a lot of free space on a hard disk (more then 12 Gb).

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I think this error occurs when the machine is not connected to the internet.