Problem with Range Doppler Terrain Correction

I did Radar -> Geometric -> Terrain Correction -> Range-Doppler Terrain Correction,but the window “Writing Target Product” is opening for long time without any effects.


I searched and tried some solutions,including installing all updates,but it does not work.

and the settings

Thanks for your help!

please have a look at this: A process related to digital elevation models is taking forever to finish

thank you. I did,but it doesn’t work.

The update symbol in your screenshot (bottom right corner) indicates you haven’t followed the instructions.

If you install all updates as described in the FAQ entry it will no longer freeze at this step.

Hello forum, @ABraun, @marpet
I’m getting this error while doing TC
Any help is appreciated

I can’t help with this.
But @jun_lu or @lveci can.

You can help them to help you. In the log file should be more information regarding this error. Can you post it please?
SNAP FAQs - How to find the log files?

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