Problem with reading coherence images and time series


I have a recurring problem with the coherence images that I calculate from SLC files, which is that I often obtain black empty images when I open the .DIM of these images, but not when I open the .HDR (in the .DATA folder created with the .DIM)

For example, here I opened the .DIM :

And here is the .HDR :

I don’t understand why it does that for some of my images but not for all. Is there a difference between the two format ?

Also I would like to use these images with the time series tool for extracting curve values from polygone, which worked with GRD, but doesn’t with both .DIM and .HDR

Thank you in advance

Would you please to add more explanation of

Because there is not such as format, But do you mean the .hdr file?

Because the black empty image that’s comeback to different reasons,

Here are the formats in SNAP,






Yes sorry, I meant the .hdr, in the .data folder

could it be that SNAP wasn’t able to calculate the image statistics and distribution of grey values?

Please check by clicking on “rough statistics” to compute the image’s histogram (for the DIM file)

I did it, but it just removed the “Rough statistics” indication