Problem with snap (creating DEM)

Hello, I have a problem with snap. I never worked with it. I need to make DEM. The only thing I know is that it’s possible to make DEM via building a graph. But when I’m trying to make it, the error “S1 TOPS SLC Products should use TOPS Coregistration” appears. What should I do?

Creating a DEM by graph is not a good idea because you should keep track of the outputs of the single steps.

It’s well explained here:

This error means that you should use TOPS coregistration for S1 TOPS SLC products. You can find it in the radar menus.

Hello, I’m here with problem again. I know here a lot of people who made DEM. I really need your help. I need DEM but I have no idea how to make it. If you know how to do it please message me to We will discuss work and rewarding for it. Please, my study in university depends on it. Please, help me

You need to go through the tutorials for S1TBX & SNAP. DEM generation is not simple and the end result is likely to be poor due to the effect of the atmosphere.