Problem with snaphu export 'Metadata attribute MISSION not found'

Hi all! This is my first post on this forum. I couldn’t find any similar thread.

I have a problem with snaphu export feature. The point is when I try to export my TanDEM-X data there is an error: Metadata attribute ‘MISSION’ not found. Also, images that should be in my target folder are not generated properly. So I cannot go to the next processing step which is snaphu unwrapping etc.

This is what I did so far:

  1. subset
  2. interferogram formation
  3. multi looking
  4. filtering

I already did phase unwrapping in SNAP and everything was working correctly some weeks ago. I also tried to update my software and even reinstall it a couple of times. Any ideas on what else can I do?

Dear @ABraun She is my student and mentioned that she has problem with SNAP. So, if you know the reason for this problem, I would be thankful that you or other members of this forum help her.

I have seen the error report, but I don’t know the answer, sorry.

I have the same problem, unfortunately. Is there a solution yet?

Unfortunately, nope

Hi, maybe this is something Linux related. I tried the same configuration (SNAP 8.0, snaphu 2.0.5) and the same TanDEM-X scene on Windows and it actually worked!

I tried Windows 10 pro and Debian bullseye. snap 8.0 and 9.0, with snaphu plugin and snaphu 2.0.4 bundled binaries setup.

Same message here: Metadata attribute ‘MISSION’ not found,

Given an INPUT_IMAGE_ML dataset, when I run the snaphu export, I get the above error message.
Then, I ended up with the following output files: snaphu.conf, OUTPUT_IMAGE_ML.conf, OUTPUT_IMAGE_ML.hdr. There is no OUTPUT_IMAGE_ML.img exported to the destination directory. I confirm that the metadata MISSION is on the INPUT_IMAGE_ML dataset.

Still looking for clues …


got the same problem. Did you resolve this error yet?

Maybe @lveci or @jun_lu can help?

Hi, I am having exactly the same problem:

“Metadata attribute ‘MISSION’ not found” when trying to run Snaphu Export on TanDEM-X interferogram

I’m having the same issue as well - has this error been resolved yet or does someone know a workaround?