Problem with StaMPS processing

i have checked but i could not understand , i have proccesed half ot pre processing in same PC with 8 GB RAM and half processing on laptop with 16 GB RAM said to have 5.27GB!!! I believe this is the problem.
How many PATCHES has your processing?

StaMPS manual suggest to have patches with max 1 million PS candidates (if I am not wrong, do not remember the exact number).

Try to split your processing in more patches by re-running mt_prep_snap using more patches, so the system should not try to load such bigger files.

Other possible attempt is to try to increment the JVM -XmX used with MATLAB, and try to exploit at max the resources in your laptop, but I bet that the previous option works.


Thankyou so much for you notice and help…i have generated only 3 patches …i will re run the mt_prep_snap and increase the number of patches…hope it will work

Thanks for help it did work and i resolved the 1st step problem of matlab by increasing number of patches. Now i am processing step 2 stamps(2,2) and facing another error. can you please guide me about it??
thank you

I am glad it helped.

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Which matlab version are you using?
The issue may occur if on the step 1 you had not use the matlab script that filters the data when lat/lon coordinates are not valid, taking values or NaN or 0 generated by SNAP.

The solution was already provided by me on the forum, for which you need to update/overwrite the ps_load_initial_gamma.m script on the stamps/matlab folder

Here the link: New StaMPS release (4.1-beta)

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yes thank you

I am using Matlab R2026b right now. okay i will try your solution and will let you know. Thanks again for your help.

Sorry! I meant which version of StaMPS were you using.

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Hey Thank you so much once again . your solution did work for me again. i am using stamps 4.1-beta and your updated file done the job. Thank you @mdelgado

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hello. i have completed stamps(7,7) and i have got wrapped and unwrapped results in graph. in manual their is a 3rd command >>ps plot(‘o’) for which we have to set (ifscla derampis set to‘y’). what does this “set to y” means ? why we do this? 2nd when i applied this command i received error about matrix dimension. can you please help me to solve this. Third in processing coments session i found that experts have suggested to rerun step (6,6) after step (7,7) what is the purpose for that?
thank you.

I had a problem in stamps (1,1) but I solved it with the update/overwrite the ps_load_initial_gamma.m script on the stamps/matlab folder, as already explained.

Now, I have got a problem with stamps(2,2):

Can someone help me?

the issue seems to be related to the signal processing toolbox of Matlab.
With Matlab trial you are able to run StaMPS completely (valid for 30 days)

Either you check if you got the toolbox and reinstall matlab, or get the trial for now…

(But I am not 100% sure of this)

Thanks, I am not sure to have got the problem.
I reinstalled the Signal Processing Toolbox but there is still that error.


Hi again,
I reinstalled the Signal Processing Toolbox and remove The stamps (2,2) starts but it never ends. Actually I do not know if matlab is doing something or not.

Do you know how to solve this problem?

What does it mean?
step 2 and step3 are the most time consuming.
Had it not produced any log?

Please provide more info… as usual this is not enough to know what is going on

Sorry, I will be clearer.
I run stamps(2,2) for more than 10 hours and it is still at the first iteration and this is the screenshot:

Matlab is “busy” so it seems it is running but there is not RAM or memory consuming.

it seems to work.

My suggestion is to run mt_prep_snap with more patches as you got 8 million point candidates… so it is totally normal that processing takes longer.

increase the patches number when running mt_prep_snap and surely it will go faster.
StaMPS manual suggest no more than 2 million points per PATCH in this steps.
My suggestion is to go even lower… under 1 million.

Jose Manuel

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Thank you very much.
so do you suggest to do at least 8 patches?
How should I compute mt_prep_snap command?

mt_prep_snap “master_date” /“path”/ 0.4 4 2


Yes, it could work.
9 could also be fine.

mt_prep_snap master_date INSAR_XXXX 0.4 3 3

give a try.surely you will see the progress faster than using a single patch.