Problem with StaMPS PROCESSING

Hello everyone,
Iam doing SNAP-StaMPS processing. i have completed D-InSAR processing and done with the stamps export in SNAP. i have run mt_prep_snap and its done but when i run stamps(1,1) in matlab it gives me certain error. can anyone guide me how to solve this issue?? i have attached screen shot
thank you

have you checked your memory settings as suggested in the error message?

Have you used the same computer for the pre-processing of the data? How much RAM is available?

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i have checked but i could not understand , i have proccesed half ot pre processing in same PC with 8 GB RAM and half processing on laptop with 16 GB RAM said to have 5.27GB!!! I believe this is the problem.
How many PATCHES has your processing?

StaMPS manual suggest to have patches with max 1 million PS candidates (if I am not wrong, do not remember the exact number).

Try to split your processing in more patches by re-running mt_prep_snap using more patches, so the system should not try to load such bigger files.

Other possible attempt is to try to increment the JVM -XmX used with MATLAB, and try to exploit at max the resources in your laptop, but I bet that the previous option works.


Thankyou so much for you notice and help…i have generated only 3 patches …i will re run the mt_prep_snap and increase the number of patches…hope it will work

Thanks for help it did work and i resolved the 1st step problem of matlab by increasing number of patches. Now i am processing step 2 stamps(2,2) and facing another error. can you please guide me about it??
thank you

I am glad it helped.

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Which matlab version are you using?
The issue may occur if on the step 1 you had not use the matlab script that filters the data when lat/lon coordinates are not valid, taking values or NaN or 0 generated by SNAP.

The solution was already provided by me on the forum, for which you need to update/overwrite the ps_load_initial_gamma.m script on the stamps/matlab folder

Here the link: New StaMPS release (4.1-beta)

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yes thank you

I am using Matlab R2026b right now. okay i will try your solution and will let you know. Thanks again for your help.

Sorry! I meant which version of StaMPS were you using.

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Hey Thank you so much once again . your solution did work for me again. i am using stamps 4.1-beta and your updated file done the job. Thank you @mdelgado

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hello. i have completed stamps(7,7) and i have got wrapped and unwrapped results in graph. in manual their is a 3rd command >>ps plot(‘o’) for which we have to set (ifscla derampis set to‘y’). what does this “set to y” means ? why we do this? 2nd when i applied this command i received error about matrix dimension. can you please help me to solve this. Third in processing coments session i found that experts have suggested to rerun step (6,6) after step (7,7) what is the purpose for that?
thank you.