Problem with StaMPS processing

Thank you very much.
so do you suggest to do at least 8 patches?
How should I compute mt_prep_snap command?

mt_prep_snap “master_date” /“path”/ 0.4 4 2


Yes, it could work.
9 could also be fine.

mt_prep_snap master_date INSAR_XXXX 0.4 3 3

give a try.surely you will see the progress faster than using a single patch.

Thank you a lot.
I am trying now stamps(2,2,‘y’). I will tell you if it works.


In StaMPS/MTI, how to convert the multi master to a single master unwrapping phase. I input ps_plot(‘u-d’,1,[],1) ,and get the result of the following figure1:

But input ps_plot(‘usb-d’,1,[],1), the result is shown in figure 2:

There seems to be a lot of errors in figure 1. What is the reason?

Hello everyone, @mdelgado @falahfakhri am doing SNAP-StaMPS processing. I have completed processing and done with the snap2stamps . I have run mt_prep_snap with 0.42 and its done , then do the stamps(1,1) and stamps(2,2),but when I run stamps(3,3) in matlab it gives me this error. can anyone guide me how to solve this issue?? i have attached screen shot
thank you

Never experienced this error, sorry.

i also had same problem while plotting the velocity map with gacos correction. later i found out that the gacos correction files were not ready.