Problem with subset of senstinel2

I am trying to make a subset of sentinel 2 image and I do not need all bands but bands 2 and 3. However SNAP asks to resample image before subset. How can I work with the two bands out of 13 bands?

Hi @Hamid_Farahmand,

When working with SNAP you will see that most of the times you need to resample your data to a common spatial resolution before doing other analysis. Go to Raster -> Geometric Operations -> Resampling. Resample your data and then you will be able to subset your product as you want

Hope it helps you,


That’s right. It is necessary to resample the data first. Unfortunately, this is due to the unfinished support of multi-size products.
There is one way to get rid of the unwanted images without resampling:

  • Right-click on the product and deselect ‘Groupe Nodes by Type’
  • Select all unwanted bands
  • Press <DEL>-key or from the menu Edit / Delete
  • Right-click on the product and select ‘Groupe Nodes by Type’ again
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