Problem with the interferogram

this is a known problem and was fixed with the last patch. Please make sure you have installed the latest update (Menu > Help > Search for Updates)

I have don but this error

image is black

have you also tried the TOPS Coregistration instead?

yes I have
i had tried wih all coregistrations.
please help me

i have downloaded image sentinel othe but it error again

I don’t have a solution, sorry.
Can you please provide the exact names of the two products you are using?

i use thease images

did you consider that these scenes are shifted along-track?


That means, sub-swath 5 in image 1 (for example) covers a different area than sub-swath 5 in image 2.
The overlapping sub-swaths have different numbers. 1-6 in the first, and 4-9 in the second, for instance.

Could be a reason why the coregistration leaves an empty product.

I specify IW 2 in both images

IW considers the sub-swath, but you can also select the bursts (demonstrated here). If these do not match (cover the same area), the result will be empty.

i do like here too

so did you select all bursts for both scenes or only a few?

frist image sub-swaths 2 brusrt 1
second image sub-swaths 2 brusrt 4

is it OK?

alright, should be correct then. Please try again and select SRTM 1ArcSec as an input in the Back-Geocoding

@khalill Did you try to process the whole IW2? I’m not sure bursts you select overlap. It could be quite unlikely the bursts you point to overlap. I hope you have disk space to process the whole subswath.

this image show overlap this .
error again

error again

good idea, maby its worth extending to the full subswatch IW2

what i do
please help me
images have overlay togather

I cannot reproduce the error, sorry.

i have changed windows 10 to 8
it disolved this problem

but now i created deburst
when i opened it
it give this error