Problème installation snappy

je souhaite installer snappy et cela ne fonctionne pas ,quel python installé ?.j utilise un processeur intel I5 avec windows 8.1
merci pour vos réponses

Can you translate your question in English please. This is an English forum and, I’m afraid, if you ask in French there are not so many people who can help you. Thanks.


I want to install snappy and it does not work, what python installed? .j uses intel I5 processor with windows 8.1
Thank you for your answers
after having reinstall everything i have this error message

Welcome to the SNAP command-line interface.
The following command-line tools are available:
gpt - Graph Processing Tool
pconvert - Data product conversion and quicklook generation
snap64 - SNAP Desktop launcher
snappy-conf - Configuration tool for the SNAP-Python interface
Typing the name of each tool will output its usage information.

snappy-conf C:\Python34\python.exe

The launcher has determined that the parent process has a console and will reuse
it for its own console output.
Closing the console will result in termination of the running program.
Use ‘–console suppress’ to suppress console output.
Use ‘–console new’ to create a separate console window.
Configuring SNAP-Python interface… Python configuration failed.
Command [C:\Python34\python.exe .\ --snap_home “C:\Program Files\sn
ap” --java_module “C:\Program Files\snap\snap\modules\org-esa-snap-snap-python.j
ar” --force --log_file .\snappyutil.log --java_home “C:\Program Files\snap\jre”
–req_arch amd64]
failed with return code 30.
Please check the log file ‘C:\Users\Mr Gadey.snap\snap-python\snappy\snappyutil
at org.esa.snap.python.PyBridge.configureJpy(
at org.esa.snap.python.PyBridge.installPythonModule(
at org.esa.snap.rcp.cli.SnapArgsProcessor.processPython(SnapArgsProcesso
at org.esa.snap.rcp.cli.SnapArgsProcessor.process(
at org.netbeans.modules.sendopts.DefaultProcessor.process(DefaultProcess
at org.netbeans.spi.sendopts.Option$1.process(
at org.netbeans.api.sendopts.CommandLine.process(
at org.netbeans.modules.sendopts.HandlerImpl.execute(
at org.netbeans.modules.sendopts.Handler.cli(
at org.netbeans.CLIHandler.notifyHandlers(
at org.netbeans.core.startup.CLICoreBridge.cli(
at org.netbeans.CLIHandler.notifyHandlers(
at org.netbeans.CLIHandler$1.exec(
at org.netbeans.CLIHandler.finishInitialization(
at org.netbeans.MainImpl.finishInitialization(
at org.netbeans.Main.finishInitialization(
at org.netbeans.core.startup.Main.start(

    at Source)

Python configuration error: Python configuration failed.
Command [C:\Python34\python.exe .\ --snap_home “C:\Program Files\sn
ap” --java_module “C:\Program Files\snap\snap\modules\org-esa-snap-snap-python.j
ar” --force --log_file .\snappyutil.log --java_home “C:\Program Files\snap\jre”
–req_arch amd64]
failed with return code 30.
Please check the log file ‘C:\Users\Mr Gadey.snap\snap-python\snappy\snappyutil

Do you have this file at hand and can attach it here?
It might be that the space in your user profile directory might cause this error. We had a similar issue for SNAP installation in the past and fixed it. Maybe when installing snappy we have to care for the space character too.
Other reason might be that your account is somehow restricted. Or you installed SNAP as administrator and now you try to use it with your normal user account.

here is a picture of the list of folders and file snappy, it looks like the file you ask me have not present.
about the installation, yes I installed it as an administrator and I open it through the windows 8.1 application page then I clip on snap command line
Thanks for your help
approved my greetings

I think the second last file

is the log file. In your file explorer the known extensions are hidden.

after enabling the hidden file option the snappyutil.log file did not appear
I opened the snappyutil file and it contains the following text file,

it appears in the list I gave you in the previous discussion as snappyutil. text document

This is a problem in the current SNAP 5 updates.
You can either switch to the SNAP 6 preview version, which is also available on the download page or you edit the file and try to configure python again.
Replace line 195 by this one:

'java_max_mem: 4G\n',

thank you for your help, I will install the SNAP Preview 0.6

Hello Marpet ,

changing Java memory doesn’t work for me ?

anything else to try? , by the way I am using Win7 64bit with python V 3.6.3 and SNAP5.

Have you tried SNAP 6? It should actually work with it.

Thank you Mr Marpet

Yes I installed it correctly win the V6! but when testing it and after the commend ,
#p = ProductIO.readProduct (‘C:\Users\ST\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36\Lib\site-packages\snappy\testdata\MER_FRS_L1B_SUBSET.dim’)

it gaves me an error ?

What kind of error do you get?

Thank you Mr it’s ok now

it was just a problem of / and \ to find the path that’s all :slight_smile:


thank you very much Mr.

Respected Sir,

Please resolve the issue. I am hereby sending the screenshot of file at C:\Users\Hp.snap\snap-python\snappy

This will be solved later. Maybe early next year.
In the meantime you can either do what is written in the text and build the wheel yourself or you can switch back to Python 3.4 for example. Then it should work.