Problems: "After export StaMPS from SNAP software"

Hi everyone,
Now, I have using PS-InSAR method study Land surface Deformation. and I used SNAP software to do. I finished the exported file from StaMPS tool in SNAP. Its include 4 folders: dem, diff0, geo, srlc. Then i have to follow help in SNAP.

  1. You must then run the mt_prep_gamma script from StaMPS to prepare the Gamma formatted data.
  2. Then run stamps in matlab.
    But I haven’t done it yet.
    Help me:
  3. Where to get this mt_prep_gamma script file? and how to run script it?
  4. How to step sun StaMPS in matlab?
    I hope there are many detailed answers.
    Thank you very much!

Please get latest stamps version and read the user manual. There you have all the answers to your questions.

Good processing!