Problems in S-1 SLC to GRD

Turns -6 and unfinished the process

Your screenshot indicates that you use a GRD product as input. The module only takes SLCs as input. Maybe you can tell what is your aim in general.

Dear ABraun:
I use a single original SLC file to import as input file. However, It does not work. and returns -6.

I want to convert the SLC product into GRD. It works perfectly in another SLC. But not this one.

Can you give me some advice?

maybe it was not fully downloaded? Do you use it as a zip file or extracted? How large is the zip file?

4.32 GB with 2 different method to downloaded. :<

Can you open the raster when you extract it and load it into SNAP?

Yes I can, I redownloaded the file and nothing get better.

May I ask why you want to convert SLC to GRD manually instead of downloading the GRD directly?

Because there is no GRDH in ASF yet. Dear ABraun

It might be available in the official data hub already:

Thank you, but unfortunatly there is even no SLC or RAW…
It is really intersting that the ASF post the RAW and SLC faster than the ESA.
Thank you again, I decide to wait the offical GRDH file.

Abandon = the best solution…

This is strange. Can you please share the ID of the scene?

Sure, It is:


thank you - you are right - no images here after 15.07.2021