Problems of Mosaic

Hi Macro
When I performed Mosaicing for two images, the dataset of “Tie-Point Grids” disappeared in the new mosaic file.
So it went wrong when I performed Rayleigh Correction due to , probably, lack of some auxilary data in Tie-poing Grids.
What should I do?
Thank you very much!

It would be helpful if you could provide enough detail of your workflow so others could reproduce the problem (How to Report Bugs Effectively is also good advice when asking for help) , but I can guess that you have level-2 or lower (scanline) input. Mosaic maps the data to a common grid. Tools designed to work with level-2 and lower data “expect” scanline data, so can’t generally be used with grids created by mosaic.

After mosaicing the products some information is not available anymore. Like the tie-points.
So you can do the Rayleigh Correction first, and then create the mosaic out of these results.

Such level3 processing (like mosaic and binning) should be the last step or one of the last steps in your processing chain.

OK, thank you very much.