Problems reading in TSX data

I try to load TSX images by opening the corresponding .XML files. But: I end up with the following type of error messages:
The Product ‘TSX1_SAR_EEC_SE__SM_S_SRA_20090122T055124_20090122T055132’ already contains a band with the name ‘Amplitude_HH’.

Can anybody help me identifying the actual problem here? How can I circumvent this?

is it a TanDEM-X image pair consisting of two products?

No, it’s a regular TSX product.

Is it a freely available dataset, maybe one of the sample products from Airbus

I don’t know. I have it from DLR. And this is probably not really related to my problem?

I just wanted to check if there is a way to replicate the issue.

Can you please test if this one has the same problem? It is also an eec product in stripmap mode.

Interestingly, this sample dataset is read without any problems. Now, I understand the error even less…

where did you get your data from?

DLR internal, see above.

Hi there,

has the issue been solved?

I’m trying to process TerraSAR-X Airbus Sample data via SNAP GPT & Command line and I’m getting the following error:
“Error: [NodeId: Read]
No factory of kind “FilterFactory” found.”
When I look into the s1tbx folder in my installation path, I don’t see and file named

When I use the GUI, I can process TerraSAR-X data nicely.

Does anyone know what the issue could be?