Problems running a bash file

Hi, I am trying to run my graph (xml file) from a bash file because I have to run it from linux. I have always done it from cmd on windows and now I can’t do it from bash. I get a constant “Error: -t (No such file or directory)” error. Could someone tell me where I am failing? Thank you very much!

I provide the xml and bash files:
processDataset.bash (1.5 KB)
S1_subset.xml (2.2 KB)

You have removed the parameterFilePath variable but you haven’t removed it from the gpt call.
In addition you are using target1 for the gpt call, but it has not been defined beforehand.

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Remember windows uses \ where bash uses / in file pathnames

First of all, thank you very much for your answer. I would like to ask two more questions:

How can i remove the parameterFilePath variable from the last line?

Also, the target1 is defined in the xml graph, where I have to define it beforehand?

Simply remove -p ${parameterFilePath}

If you want to provide the properties target1 and input1 to the graph you need to define them somewhere you need to define the values before.
You could add to the gpt call: -Ptarget1=<your value here> and -Pinput1=<your value here>
Then you don’t need the -t option.

But I suggest that you go back to the original processDataset.bash file.
There the target and the source file are provided to the graph.
You might take another close look at the Bulk Processing with GPT page.

I have followed your advice and modified the bash file by entering input1 and target1 and their paths, however I still get an error: “Error: [NodeId: Read] Specified ‘file’ [${input1}] does not exist.”

I am running bash as follows, as I have provided the input and target already in the bash file:
bash processDataset.bash, but it still does not work.

thanks in advance

processDataset.bash (1.5 KB)