Problems when opening an *.img band in snap

I’m having problems when trying to open an *.img image in snap. I have done it several times in previous versions of the program, but with the last version an unexpected exception is occurring:

Do anyone know how to solve it? I have updated my java version but it does not solve the problem.


*.img is not a useful description of the problem file. .img is just a generic extension that has been used for many types of images. The BEAM DIMAP format uses ENVI .img files which are paired with .hdr metadata files. If you have a matching .hdr file, try opening that.

If this doesn’t solve your problem, you should provide enough detail so others can easily reproduce the problem. Please attach the referenced “messages.log” file.

SNAP is “science quality” software. A more polished application would check for the .hdr file when asked to open a .img file, but that level of attention to detail is costly. I think most would agree that the priority for SNAP developers is to support more sensors, algorithms, and products.

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Thanks [gnwiii],
In my case, the img has been exported from ArcGIS, so it does not have any .hdr linked file.
In 7.0 version it was possible to open it and to add it to Sentinel as a new band both by the collocation option or by band math option.
Now it can’t even be opened.
The messages.log file is attached.
Thanks again.
messages.log.1 (71.0 KB)

Can you try to import the files by using the Generic Binary reader explicitly.
Use File -> Import -> SAR Formats -> Generic Binary

From the provided log file, I can see that the GDAL reader pretends that it can read the data but then fails.

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Thanks marpet,

Sorry for the delay in replying. Finally I have solved it by exporting the image in tif format, because the solution you proposed, gave me problems when configuring the reading of the img file.

Thanks for your help.