Problems with batch processing

I have some problems with batch in S-1 toolbox. Operation starts from second or penultimate file (though these images have no errors), thats why i should process skipped files throught the “Radar - Geometric - Terrain Correction” one by one. But i have not only this. After 2 or 3 files (of 8 files) toolbox gives some error, which is related to error in memory - batch stops, and i have to renew rows of batch window. How could I solve this shortcoming ? I tried to reinstall the application and redownload files from esa.sciencehub.

Hey there,

I have the same problem. When I start using the Batch process for “Calibrate” or “Orthorectify” it always skipps the first file and starts running the process with the second one. Why’s that? Maybe someone can help.