Problems with loading correct xml file

When I created with SNAP Graph builder process and save it. It is with projection “WGS 84 / UTM zone 34N”

When I load this file in SNAP, it lost my projection and load default projection which is WGS84(DD).
myGraph221.xml (5.9 KB)

How can solve this problem?
Does gpt run correctly this xml file?

It is true the GUI does not load the parameters correctly but if you process the data the correct settings are taken. Also, when using the graph on the command line with gpt the correct settings should be used.
You can prove this by looking in the metadata of the resulting product or open the Geo-Coding Window for the product. This will tell you which projection the result has.

I’ve created a ticket for this: [SNAP-3475] Terrain Correction does not load correctly the projection settings from a graph file