Problems with S1 TOPS Coregistration

Hello to all, I am working on my Master Thesis and I am starting learning to work with SNAP software. I am doing TOPS interferometry according to tutorial. The problem I have is that during the first step (Coregistration) it gave me this error message: “GC overhead limit exceeded”. I have read about this problem and that is probably have to do something with low RAM. I have 8GB RAM and I am not sure if its enough for working with such big files. I wouldn’t mind to wait longer but I am getting this error constantly in 34% (something like 10 minutes) if I recall it correctly. What is wierd is that when I lowered bursts from 9 to 3 it gave me the error even earlier (something like 18% in).

I have tinkered around with some options and with “gpt.vmoptions” file but then it gave me this error instead" “waiting thread recieved a null tile”.

My question is, do you think that 8GB RAM is just too small or is there a way to make it samehow work? I would be pretty happy with every response and I am ready to answer further questions conserning this problem of mine. :slight_smile:

Version of Sentinel-1 toolbox: 4.0.4 (newest one)

Try increasing heap space to the full 8 Gb memory


If that fails, buy more RAM :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your answer, I will try that in the evening but I am afraid it won’t be enough but we’ll see. Otherwise I would probably have to use some school pc.

Also, is it ok that I am using zip file? Couldn’t it be somehow worse for the RAM? Or could it help to use just a single burst or this doesn’t matter for the memory? :blush: