Problems with sen2cor after S2TBX 8.0.5 update


After upgrading to S2TBX 8.0.5 I am experiencing problems with the sen2cor processing. The S2?_MSIL2A*.SAFE locally processed files do not contain the Band 1 layer or SNAP is unable to read it, because in the SAFE folder
GRANULE/L2A_T…/IMG_DATA/R60m/ the T…_B01_60m.jp2 files are present. The *.jp2 files are apparently correct.

Prior and after the S2TBX 8.0.5 update, the S2?_MSIL1C files were processed using Sen2Cor-02.09.00-Linux64, using a command line call to the L2A_process. However, prior to the update I was not experiencing problems with the derived he S2?_MSIL2A*.SAFE

In order to compare, I have downloaded a recent example of S2?_MSIL2A*.SAFE from sentinel data hub and all bands are available (12). SNAP can read all bands from the downloaded files, not from my locally processed files instead (11 bands, B1 is not available)