Problems wth applying obrit files

data: a pair of sentinel-1 IW SLC
When I applyied obrit files,it didn’t work.surely,I can’t accomplish the coregistration.The error was as the picture upper. After waiting a few minutes,the process continued.In additon,if I want to close the dialog,it still keep the state of process.I want to know why ,does it work with deleting the orbit zip files in aux file,and hope for a improvement with snap.

Likely the orbit file zip file was incomplete (maybe snap was closed while
it was still downloading) and now the software can’t open it but won’t
download a new one. You could go into your user folder
c:\users\name.snap\auxdata\orbits\ and delete the problem zip file. If
you don’t know which one, you could delete them all safely.

If you have a program like 7zip, you could test all the zip files.

I’ll update snap to delete the file and try once to download it again when
this happens.

Thanks for reporting the issue.

thanks for you reply,Iveci