Process all subswaths all at once

Hi all,

I’m new in SNAP, I’m currently following TOPS Interferometry Tuturial on Cape Vert images.

It is a note on page 17 where it says “In the September 2015 release of the Toolbox it should be posible to process all subswaths all at once”

I’m confused about the meaning of process here. Does it mean that it is possible to perform the three steps until now (coregister/ create interfeogram / apply TOPS Deburst) to all subswaths at once? Is it referring only to TOPS Deburst?

Anyway, I would like to know how to do it as I’ll save time, whatever it is.



This was referring to splitting the subswaths, coregister, interferogram, deburst for all subswaths and then merging all subswaths. See the pull graph in the Graph Builder under the Graphs menu at the top of the window.

Thanks, it is clear now for me!