Process with SRTM 1sec

Hello everybody,

I have problem with processing some functions (e.g. Coregistration, Topo phase removal and others) when I want to use SRTM 1sec autodownload. Everytime the function run succesfull, but the result file contains only black/violet empty scenes. When I use SRTM 3sec, everything is alright.
Do you have the same problem?

Thank you for your answers.



I have experienced similar issues. Please see this answer by @lveci which states that SRTM 1sec actually doesn’t download automatically. Basically I am back to using SRTM 3sec again.


Note that there are two SRTM 1 sec options in the list.
SRTM 1Sec Grid : Uses tiles in ArcInfo Binary Grid format as used by Geoscience Australia. This is not automatically downloaded.
SRTM 1Sec HGT : Uses tiles in HGT format from JPL. This does get automatically downloaded as needed.
The SRTM 1Sec HGT was recently updated to now also include the Middle East. So now it is Global within ±60 lat.


What is the difference between 1 sec hgt and 3 sec hgt?

the spatial resolution of 1Sec is about 30 meters, the one of 30sec is 90 meters.

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