Processing a stack of SLCs rather than individually?

Hi and thank you for your hard work!
I would like to know if, together with SBAS interfereogram generation tool it will be possible to generate interferograms “pair by pair”, i.e. image 1 with image 2, image 2 with image 3 and so on, being the first image of the pair the master image, and the second the slave one, having given as input a stack of images

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Hi Lveci,
just wanted to ask if actually it is implemented on SNAP the possibility to change the master and to allow interferogram (or coherence) extraction couple by couple (1-2,2-3,…) in order to get all reults coregistered to the same master at the end?
thank you in advance


Dear Lveci ,

  1. I wish to process sentinel1 image data PSInSAR/SBAS using SNAP?
    Please tell how to perform back geo-coding of multiple images as it (SNAP) is taking first two images in batch processing.
  2. I have processed data for DInSAR deformation detection. Could not find justified results after unwrapping and viewing on google earth.
    Steps performed are:1. S1 TOPS Corregistration with ESD
  3. Interferogram
  4. TOPSAR Deburst
  5. Topo Phase Removal
  6. Multilook
  7. Goldstein Phase Filter
  8. Snaphu Export
  9. Snaphu process in command line
  10. Snaphu Import
  11. Phase to Displacement
  12. Terrain correction
  13. google earth export.

Please suggest parameters for processing.
Labdslide event date 13 August 2017
Extent 60mx250m
Images taken; 1. S1_IW_SLC_1SDV_ 12August
2. S1_IW_SLC_1SDV_ 24August


regarding PSI: Did you see this overview? About the STaMPS category

regarding DInSAR: Suggesting parameters for unknown study sites is quite hard. But if your results are not good enough you can check if you find pairs with

  • better coherence
  • less atmospheric disturbance
  • better perpendicular baseline

See this PDF with some hints on suitable conditions:
Chapters 1.3 and 1.4.1

hi, what is the difference betwen coregistration with esd and without it? I mean is it necessary that we do it with esd for psi?

Please take a look at this post, it clarifies the use ESD,

Source of the post