Processing baseline 04.00 vs Collection 1?

Would it be correct to say that the products with processing baseline 04.00 should be considered a part of Collection 1? Or will Collection 1 be marked differently somehow?

A presentation at LPS last week said that C1 processing will start in June 2022, but processing baseline 04.00 has already been deployed since earlier this year, so I want to be clear about when exactly C1 starts.

I got this answer from support:

The baseline configuration of the reprocessing leading to Collection-1 will be further enhanced from that of the current PB04.00. PB04.00 should hence not be considered as the final configuration of Collection-1, the final Collection-1 settings will be communicated as soon as settled.

It can as well be assumed that all products generated with PB 04.00 since January, or earlier on with former baselines will all be reprocessed.


Hi Simon,

thanks for sharing this information. That’s good to know.