Processing chain for s-1 iw slc

I am looking to pre-process Sentinel 1 IW SLC data before I implement the H-Alpha decomposition and Wishart classifier.
I know that terrain correction should be applied after these two are implemented but I need help for the processing before this.

At the moment the processing chain is:

  • S-1 TOP split
  • Deburst
  • Orbit file
  • Radiometric calibration (complex output)
  • Speckle Filter
    however when I then try and implement the H-Alpha decomposition or Wishart classifier this message comes up:

(Input should be a single look complex SLC product)

Any help in fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks,

For polarimetric processing you need to use the polarimetric speckle filters. By default the pol speckle filter will change the data to the C2 matrix first.

Many thanks for the quick reply. So the process ordering is okay, just so long as I implement the polarimetric filter?

Many thanks

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