Processing ERS-2 raw data

Dear collaegue,
I’d like to ask you for suggestion how to process raw data from ERS-2 satellite.
The data I have does not have any metadata associated with real ones.
The only info I have are the date, the orbit, the instrument number.
What I did is to save the data in BEAM-DIMAP format, but I’m stuck here.

Could you provide me some starting point?

Thank you.

I don’t think you could process much if all you have is an image and not

You need a SAR processor to generate higher level products from raw data (not supported by the tbx). Please consider using single-look-complex or detected products depending on your application.

It might be good idea to ask ESA people to provide me a product instead of raw data.
Any suggestions to whom should I refer?

For ERS-data (a “restricted” dataset) you need to apply for it by writing a short & simple proposal:

…in order to submit the proposal you need to register on the ESA EO SSO system:

Dear colleagues,
sorry to resume this old post but I’m looking for the same question.
For my PhD project I need to work with Level 0/RAW ERS data, collecting all possible info recorded during the acquisition step and used in the focusing stage. I have the permission from ESA to download them through Eolisa. Unfortunately the files have extension .E1 or .E2 and and not .dat (as requested in commercial software as ENVI that reads ERS-1 Level-0 with extension dat*.001).
From ESA help I know that all ERS SAR products are now made available in Envisat format only, therefore their filenames end with .E1 or .E2 for ERS-1 and ERS-2 respectively.
Is there someone who has worked with this type of data? Do you know some useful available software to open this type of data?