Processing Landsat 8 Images with C2RCC Algorithm: How to Focus on River Areas Only?

I’m currently working on processing Landsat 8 satellite images using the C2RCC algorithm, and I want to focus specifically on the analysis of river areas within these images. I’ve considered sub setting the image or applying a mask, but I’m looking for advice on the best approach or any specific tools and techniques that might be useful for isolating the river region.

Hi, I assume you know the river areas and that you can get/create shapefiles or WKT for them.
If so, you can use them to limit the processing area.
Import the ROI and use the created mask in the valid-pixel expression of C2RCC along a land/water discriminating expression.
If you have no ROI, you can only rely on the land/water discriminating expression.

EOMasters_icon_60 Marco from EOMasters - Mastering Earth Observation