Processing of general complex data


From a SLC simulation I get complex matrices and I like to use SNAP for some initial analysis.
But unfortunately, I cannot even coregister my SLC’s for the later interferometric processing.

So how can I process my simulated SLC’s (loaded as complex binary) and what preparations are needed to do so?

Would you please to clarify , what do you mean? In order to guide you.

Hi, okay I try to clarify myself. This are the following steps I’d like to perform:

  1. My Simulation produces SLCs, [nxm, complex number]
  2. Save these as complex binary
  3. Load complex binary into SNAP
  4. Perfom filtering/processing (e.g. Goldstein-filtering, or coregistration for later interferommetry computation)

The question is now:

  • What are the parameter of the binary file? (BSQ, BIL, datetype, big/little endian,…)
  • How to load them into SNAP, how do I define as SAR product?
  • How create inteferometric pair, when no location information is available (assumption: all SLC where taken at the same location - zero baseline)

Hope it’s a bit clearer

Thanks for the clarification, but I’m sorry I didn’t do it in this way.

Okay, thank you. Did you do it in another way? I’m still in the phase of finding the right pipline.