Processing of SLC images

Can anyone post the step by step procedure to process SLC type images using SNAP software to detect ships?

On youtube you can find some videos which explain how ship detection can be done with SNAP.
The search result snap ship detection - YouTube lists a few.

Is there a step by step procedure and MATLAB codes or using SNAPPY available for the processing of SLC type images. Is there any difference in the steps when using SLC type products instead of GRD products as tutorials are available for GRD products mostly?

This might be answered by others. Iā€™m not that familiar with this topic.

I think you have no real benefits from SLC products over GRD products. Ships are local peaks of backscatter intensity which can be equally detected in either product levels. GRD products are quicker to download and process. Unless you aim at classifying ships by type, you are probably better off with GRD.

Once you have calibrated and geocoded your data (in BEAM DIMAP format), you can use the ENVI reader to load the raster (by its hdr file) and then experiment with the CFAR algorithm with detects local peaks. Constant False Alarm Rate (CFAR) Detection - MATLAB & Simulink - MathWorks Deutschland

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