Processing Sentinel-1 data in matlab


I have downloaded IW mode Sentinel-1 image after performing Radiometric,speckle and geometeric corrections I applied GLCM and the results have difference in brightness ,how can I normalise the brightness in the image and I even observed the more speckle at the interface .(Please check the image attached).S2

If this pattern exists within a single image: Did you apply Thermal Noise Removal as a first step?

This is a single image,I didnot applied thermal noise,this is the image after application of glcm.I will check by applying Thermal noise removal.

Even after applying ,the image have the stripes error.

.How can i solve it

was the pattern at least reduced by Thermal Noise Removal?

yes,Can we completly remove theses noise .I guess the patches may be due to stripes combinations in IW mode.Are there any other things which I need to apply to remove these patches.

Yes!I also met this situation, very vexed, do you have a solution?