Product has no geo-coding

I cant use snap because of this error. can you help me?

Please describe what data you are using, where you downloaded it and which processing you already applied.

Landsat 5 image. Download from Usgs explorer. I downloaded and opened, thats all.

No need to create a stack, you open it via the MTL file like this:

I opened like that but i get this error. Also i can not see geographic coordinates. Only pixel coordinates.

Can you help me? I opened product but i can not see geo coordinates. I can not do reprojection.

you can switch to the Pixel Info tab to check if your data has geo coordinates


Have you tried Tools > Attach pixel geocoding ?

snap hata There is only pixel coordinates. I checked with another Landsat 5 image and Sentinel-1 image but still not working.

I have no idea where the geocoding has gone. Have you tried @Monica_EC’s suggestion?