Product not correctly identified


I am using snappy to automate a cloud detection algorithm, and right now I’m testing IdePix. It works fine when I use products downloaded directly from Scihub Copernicus Open Hub, but when I use the program I have created to download multiple products, the Idepix program doesn’t work and gives the error: “Input product must be S2 MSI L1C product.”

I know that the downloaded products work because I can open them fine with Snap, so is there any way I can correct this error?

Thank you.

All 13 reflectance bands are necessary. Do your products have them all?
You might try Idepix in the Desktop and see what happens. Probably the same error but in the Log file (menu: Help/Show Log Directory) You will probably see more information about the problem. Maybe already in the lower right corner when clicking on the red stop sign.

Yeah my product has all 13 bands. When I try it in the desktop exactly the same thing happens, and the following details appear:

Maybe you have changed the band names?
Could you provide one of the resampled products you use? You can send a download link as PM if you like.