Product "Undefined symbol" in Band Maths Expression

I want to run an expression in Band Maths however I receive an error for one of the bands "Undefined symbol ‘$10.B10’ ".
This is a resampled B10 to 10m resolution.
From another thread I suspect it’s due to pixels colums (Y axis) are slightly less than the bands which don’t have errors (see below).
How could I make a B10 with the same number of rows and columns? Either during resampling or after?
Or would I have to make a subset of the other bands in the formula (more work)?
B10, 22272 x 31824 pixels
B4, 22272 x 31827 pixels
B11, 22272 x 31827 pixels

The full equation (Tasseled Cap Brightness)
IDB - Index: Tasselled Cap - Soil Brightness Index MSS (
(0.3037 * $1.B2) + (0.2793 * $1.B3) + (0.4743 * $1.B4) + (0.5585 * $1.B8) + (0.5082 * $10.B10) + (0.1863 * $11.B12)

You certainly need the images to match both in size and geolocation for band maths. If you don’t see B10 in the list of data sources it won’t work in a Band Maths Expression. You might want to revisit the resampling operation for B10 to see if you can match the other bands. Others may recognize the problem and provide a solution.

As a next to last resort (before resampling the other bands) you could check the geolocation of the corners of B10 to see if they agree with a subset of the other bands. If so, you will an external tool (e.g., matlab, IDL/gnudatalanguage) to add a couple lines of “missing data” while preserving the geolocation information.

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The message indicates that you do not have B10 in your image [10]

or that Product [10] has different dimensions and can therefore not be accessed by the syntax, as @gnwiii suggested, right?

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I tested Collocate tool using B10 and B11 and B12 (both which are accepted by Band Maths) and after running the tool Band Maths accepted B10.

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