Profile plot tool


I am trying to use sentinel toolbox to look the profile of a SAR data.

So I use the Line Drawing Tool to make a Line, and go to Analysis > Profile Plot. Then I get the following plot, and I am wondering if the x-axis represent the number of pixels ?

Because I also want to plot the similar profile in matlab by myself, I am wondering what kind of smoothing method is used in the tool? How can I get the similar smoothing results ?


I think Boxcar filter is used in filtering the signal.

Thanks a lot. And I am a little confused about the boxcar filter.:innocent: Is it a low pass filter?

Yes, it’s just simple average using a sliding window.

okay, I see. Thank you:grinning:

There is a small question: Where is the Line draw Tools?

I searched for the ‘Draw Line’ operator in the SNAP7.0 search box, and clicked on it. After that, there was nothing, did I miss something? Thank you in advance.

as it is not an operator, you cannot access it via the search.

It should be in the toolbar:

If you don’t have it, you can display it with Menu > View > Toolbars > Tools