Profile Plot with correlative data

Hi, I am trying to visualize the Profile plot with external correlative data. However, I can’t seem to manage to get anything reasonable. If I draw the geometry manually the profile makes sense.

If I try import a vector point layer and use it as a a correlative layer (also as the ROI mask I suppose), the x (Path in pixels) values do not seem to make sense. The input vector includes Lat/Lon columns.

Would anyone know what format the input layer should be or what error I could be making? Thank you!

what is the information stored in your vector point layer? I mean the information you want to correlate with your velocities.
Very nice results by the way! May I ask which satellite was used?

I used Sentinel-1 IW GRDH products. The data contains the points along the transect with velocities from an external source. I would like to plot them along the profile and compare them with the values from the underlying band, however it seems that the path in pixels is plotted along the lines, which does not seem very convenient. I cant seem to find a way how tot fix it, though.

looks strange indeed. Are you sure the column Vel_m_day has consistent data?

Just tried it here and it seems to work fine:

Ah sorry I wasn’t clear, I want to use the Profile plot with correlative data option. The Correlative data plot works fine from me as well. I have finally managed to solve the issue, though, by importing my external data from CSV file (instead of SHP) and setting them as track points (interpret each point as track point). And finally I get what I wanted :slight_smile: .

ah, sorry I misunderstood that. Good to see that it works!

Hello sir, i have question

can you show me how to make those diagram and the cross section?

it is documented in this tutorial: Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry