Projecting shape file on Geotiff using Graph builder

Help me on graph processing…

My aim is simply
tif file + shape file = png image
my output should come like this.

But it is coming like this.

My graph builder look like this.

my graph file is attached here.
tiffPlusShapefile.xml (1.9 KB)

Kindly, give suggestions in this regards.

M. Sateesh

Is it working if you load the shapefile into the product without using the GraphBuilder?
Only select the product and then chose from the menu “File / Import / Vector Data / ESRI Shapefile”.

Yes, Its loading.

What’s the format of the output product? GeoTiff?
GeoTiff can’t store vector data. And the vector data is not rendered on the data.

I need output as a png/jpg.

My aim is simply
tif file + shape file = png image

So, what is actually the issue?
That you don’t see the country borders or that water is masked black?

Yes, i want to display both land, water with country boundary.

I think this is currently not possible.