Projection and coordinate information is not correct when exporting geotiff and Biggeotiff in snap

I have created a mask using band maths. I did not check the virtual file version. When I export the mask band, there was not spatial information was exported. When I open the file in arcgis, it is in the right place. But when I open the file in Rasterio library python, it do not have correct “transform” information. The coordinates are really big and out of the world.

Since arcgis can read the file with proper geolocation, you should check for known issue in the rasterio version you are using. Did you get any error message from rasterio? Check the rasterio FAQ. If that doesn’t address your issue, you can report it at rasterio GitHub issues.

If rasterio experts identify a problem with SNAP, please provide enough detail so others can try to reproduce the problem. You may want to create the simplest possible example that demonstrates the problem.

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Thank you so much for your reply. I did not get any error message. But the transform information in rasterio is as follows.

Affine(1.98, 0.0, 752184.0447924964,
0.0, -1.98, 1850957.477092044)

The coordinates are out of the real world. I will report the issue at Rasterio Github and get back to the issue here. Thanks for your suggestion.